Xiotech 2010

Thanks for vocalizing something quite a number of us are feeling, Tommy (@Xio_Tommyt)!

The National Sales meeting in Vegas wasn’t great because of money spent (ironically, Vegas is one of the cheapest places to hold a corp. function), but, because of the attitude and actions of the new Xiotech.

Alan, Jim (@JGM), Steve, Brian (@BrianCReagan) are all dynamic, motivated, intriguing people; but, the people behind them are incredible as well (Richie, Ken, Jeff, Butch, Todd, and the list goes on, sorry if I left anyone out). These “Rockstars”, as affectionately dubbed at Xiotech, are truly people that are respected and admired…and we are seeing why and the fruits of their labors will drive us to make 2010 a very interesting year, indeed.

I, as Tommy has expounded in his awesome blog, also am so impressed with what this team has done to make Xiotech more “known”, and the creative brilliance behind their efforts will be seen.

I would be remiss if I did not say another thing about Nerdfest 2010, it was awesome! The gathering of the brightest minds within Xiotech (and those of us not in the “brightest” category) to make sure we are all on the same page and working “together” to drive to success.

Thanks, Steve, et-al!

So, hold on, we really are out the gates now and I for one am looking forward to 2010!


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