Honesty in the Storage Industry?

Honesty in the storage industry?

Over the past couple months I have had, not less than 20 times, competitors that have given quotes to a prospect/customer that so blatantly does not comply to the very specifics that the customer gave me it would be hysterical if it wasn’t so pitifully sad.

Why would vendors so differently respond to a prospect? I have found it to be only three reasons:

Reason 1: Could those prospects have been deceitful enough to give different vendors different baseline requirements? The most basic answer is, yes, because I have seen that happen, especially when the prospect is already working (be that professionally or personally) with one of the vendors. That being said, I have found, on rare occasions, that can be the case; however; however, in most cases the prospects that we meet with are VERY sincere.

Reason 2: One or more of the vendors truly does not understand the Requests, Needs, or Requirements, as stated by the prospect. With all the strong professionals out there, I am very surprised this happens, but, it does, even when the prospect has professionally administered RFP sessions.

Reason 3: One or more of the vendors is purposely responding  in a nature that will not fulfill the needs, based upon price reasons (trying to hit a price point), lack of capabilities or just to get their feet in the door.

In the 8 years I have been at Xiotech, I (and many in management) have noted that we in the field all to often are way to conservative and we actually lost deals because we are over configuring for storage, capabilities or future needs/presumed requirements. Not trying to be pious or arrogant, because we all want to win deals, but some of us actually enjoy the relationships we have with partners and customers and the longer those relationships exist, the more successful we feel and want to be.

As a prospect, please ensure that you fully understand your requirements (there are honest people out there that will work with you and educate you, truthfully, on capabilities and realities) and ensure that the vendors truly respond according to YOUR needs, not their needs to SELL you something.


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