Time to wine?

Well, it’s coming close to the next trip to wine country…let’s see who is out there and opinions to chime in!

I have been to Napa and Sonoma more times than I can remember. Been through the Santa Cruz foothills many times and finally did Paso Robles down to Santa Barbara last year. Italy once, but so good a trip.

Let’s see what others think out there.. I am staying with a friend in Santa Rosa (Sonoma Valley) and most of the wineries will be there (prevent a drunken drive on the Oakville Grade, although that can be entertaining…for others).

What will we be doing? Domain Carneros (club member, free wine and great treatment makes it a must), Audelsa (Glen Ellyn, awesome cab and merlot), Enkidu (Kenwood, very new and good), WoodenHead (southwest of Santa Rosa, diamond of a find), Artiste (Healdsburg, club member and Bion rocks), Thumprint (Healdsburg, Starr is awesome and the wine is very good), Goldeneye (Alexander Valley, enough said here…PINOT)….Not to say we are going all those places in the weekend, but, that “type” of wineries.

Any input, suggestions, comments, slams, critiques, etc?

Also, going by the “Wine Cave” south of the Sonoma Square (common table environment, small and cozy…owner is hilarious and knows his wine well…all the food is SPICY, but good).




2 Responses to “Time to wine?”

  1. March 3, 2010 at 1:10 am

    The only wine I buy comes in a box, is that good or bad? 🙂


    • March 3, 2010 at 1:33 am

      Ok, opened that up for comment.
      I love the usage of cork, but, am not tied to it myself…cork as up to 6% failure rate, which makes good wine bad
      Synthetic cork has less than 1% failure rate (normally bottling or purification issues)
      Screw top (Stelvin) is making it’s move, because they are virtually 0% failure
      Once open..all of the above are subject to decay (oxygenation)

      Box wine, although they have their reputation of being “bad”, has the best preservation characteristic; you never hit oxygen until you leave the box!

      That being said, I am not seeing boxes shipping with the “good” wine’s, but, you’d be surprised which “good” wineries sell box wines (under other label’s).

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