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Affordable access to Wine?

Wine is for the snooty, arrogant, obnoxious and those who don’t mind spending $$$….?!

Do you like wine, but, just find it to expensive? Or, do you just not try it because it seems the more expensive choice as opposed to beer, or even a shot of Jack?

Wine, as with any other alcohol, is an acquired taste..and “good” wine, is simply wine that YOU find good to your tastes (be that dry, sweet, tanic, acidic…whatever your specific likings, and those change).

That being said, wine does tend to be more costly than, say, a Black Label (if you like cheap beer) or even a good pitcher of Yuengling, as the process and the core product, costs more money. That being said, there are many options that you must look at (being a rather frugal person myself and someone who hates “wasting” money), and me being motivated to ensure the wineries I love, stay afloat, I want to make sure you are aware of them..

1. You can try the cheaper wines (hey, some people love a good bottle of Boones Farm or MD 2020, after all, Mogan David did spur the California wine industry)

2. You can shop the sales at local Binny’s, Sam’s, MGM, etc; they have incredible sales, especially with the down economy and wineries fighting to stay alive

3. Wineries are offering awesome deals now, especially with the, yes, economy the way it is..even the expensive wineries are now giving deals and, forbid the word, discounts (gulp)

4. The best and most efficient way I have found to save money, wine clubs and buying consortiums. Wine clubs abound, be they in local wine merchants, associations that host “wine parties”, or the larger and more efficient, those like WTSO (Wines Till Sold Out). WTSO buys bulks of very good wines, and distributes them at discounts in the range of 30-55% off of normal prices (not MSRP, or list..but off retail price). They do no marketing, have VERY few middle men and the process is simple, you subscribe to the site (no fee) and they let you know via email, what they are shipping. You then decide to buy or not, and they ship for free, with very low minimum purchases. You buy what you either know you like, or something you wanted to try, for LOW prices and enjoy awesome wines, at incredible prices. What is the catch? The only catch is…if you love it, you may not see it at that price ever again, a very minimal catch, isn’t it?

So, enjoy your favorite wines…save money, and keep the wineries I love in business!!!

BTW, there are a few other sites like that have similar business models, I had just found them years ago and found their selection to be perfect for me and they never gave me a reason to go elsewhere….

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