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VMworld 2010

A little late after the closing of VMworld, but, I had to post something and went straight from show floor to wineries for the weekend.

There was a huge showing at VMworld this year (17,000+ based on numbers we were given) and the Xiotech booth was swarmed, Storage Texan standing on a bench waving iPads helped that allot as well. Amazing crowd and even a nice showing for the fun run on Sunday…lots of headwind on the way to Ft. Point.

The non VMware sessions I went to were all sales and that was the comments I heard from everyone, hopefully all the vendors can heed that information and make sessions more “informative” and less sales. The non sales sessions I went to were very informational and a general tone of sessions were the core pitfalls of implementing (whether that be virtual servers or desktops) and one that really stands out is the one that VMware has least control over, storage (it’s hard to speed up something that is not fast enough unless you fix it at the source). This has been a general tone in all partner meetings and VMUG’s I have attended as of late, to include Briforum in Chicago (Brian Madden’s geek rich meeting, held this spring).

The normal trend of storage vendors is to just throw cache, solid state, spindle count, short stroking or other “tricks of the trade”, that end up costing you money, more money, more money and power consumption as well as unused footprint of storage (empty disks you cannot use).

There are a number of bloggers discussing options, but, some of the best I have read are by the likes of @StorageWonk with his posting “Removing the Performance Strangelhold” and @StorageTexan  with his posting “VDI – Why Performance Matters”.

Point being, without pontificating, know what your performance needs are (aka, can we say “View Planner”) and ensure your vendors are behind you in your efforts (specifically here, that your storage vendor can perform, AND SCALE).

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