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Storage Anarchy?

I posted this a while back, but, caused some flack as to much leaked out at the, pulled it 5 minutes later. Here it is again, bigger and better.

With all the advances in systems, applications, connectivity, you see a plethora of posts out there about how storage has not kept pace. In defense, storage has kept pace, but in a different fashion than applications, systems, or the connectivity. Storage has focused on getting more into a smaller space, while that is good at first blush, it does not address the fact that you need more and more performance out of what you just made more and more dense. After talking with many VMware & Citrix advocates, consultants and customers as of late, it is obvious that “Virtual Desktop” is one of those applications demanding more than most storage can deliver. I focus on that, simply out of personal motivation as VDI has been so in front of me for the past 6 months and it seems like the perfect storm for evolutionary, or revolutionary thinking. It was so refreshing to see what the legacy Storage Works group was working on and it’s awesome to be able to call them co-workers. Now, word is leaking out about the next addition to the ISE architecture (from the core team in Colorado Springs) that is in the works. I used to think the Suzuki Katana, a radical transformation of how you could imagine a motorcycle, was an awesome machine, but WAY before it’s time. Now we have the Katana from Xiotech, which is revolutionary and by no means “before” it’s time, but, just in time for the world that so desperately needs it. (ok, that is the engineering name and the marketing name in Hybrid ISE)

It’s great to be amongst these stars!!

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