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Unleash the power?

  After getting an IM last night, after a VERY busy day, from vTexan, my mind began to wonder on all that has transpired in my time at Xiotech, as cluttered minds tend to do. To Tommy’s point, this is a great ride at Xiotech and a LOT of changes has happened. The friends I have made here are great and some will truly last more than a lifetime (it seems like we have many lifetimes in technology, doesn’t it?). Tommy worked his heart out here and I have to give him props for all that he accomplished, both here and setting a foundation for something pretty darn good, if you ask me, great work Tommy; although you will be missed, your memories live on and it’s great to run into you, as always.

  All the memories of the changes at Xiotech and friends along the way and decisions (gulp) made by some that sometimes stagger the mind, we are (as stated by the sometimes infamous and always famous Steve Duplessie) back. I remember when I first met Steve, I was walking him through our Magnitude (Was that really 2002) and I remember Steve saying “I don’t want to touch it, just show me what you got..” (referring to the keyboard, as we always let others drive demos, afterall, it was always easy on a Mag..). Xiotech got lost along the way, from Magnitude 750 to CEMS (memories anyone?), Steve asserted that Xiotech got off track and as he so eloquently put it, it looks like we are back on track, thanks to the likes of Alan Atkinson, Jim McDonald, Steve Sicola, Brian Reagan, Richie Lary, and the long standing power houses from Xiotech, Roger Kelley, Rob PeglarTom Solomon, as well as the pit bull drive of Mark Glagow and I have to add the sales leadership of Dave Ornstein (Had to add Dave in as he drives me on daily).

What is the big change and hence the title of the blog? The latest result from the brain trust in Colorado Springs and all those so dedicated to making something cool, work better than anyone else is capable of doing (Thanks!, Steve, Richie, Gus, Butch, Jeff, Bill and all those I forgot to add here..) Finally, our chance to shine, once again, the follow-on to the “Storage Brick”, or ISE (Intelligent Storage Element), as marketing dubbed it (sorry Brian), is just around the corner and the first release will be ISE 14.4H (ok, Hybrid ISE). This is the best of all worlds, density, high performance, scalability (linear), resiliency and intelligence….

Take a gander at what others say, it is awesome:

IDC report – IDC explains it well, end to end

Network World – Great synopsis by Networkworld as well

The ride just got better, faster and more to come!

Thanks for the memories, Tommy!

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