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VDI in the Real World?

VDI in the real world?

 Virtual desktops have been a point of conversation for years, it has been touted that it has been the “year of VDI” for 4 years running now, and still, virtual desktops have not taken off in the skyrocketing form that everyone has been expecting.

I was blessed to be allowed to speak at a conference (Storage for Virtual Desktops) last week focused on virtualization and hosted by Brian Madden, a voice that is well known and echoed/blogged constantly in the virtualization space. This conference, a kick off for a series of events that will be held for the rest of the year, focuses on virtualization and what the end user really should know as they enter that world of virtualization.

Brian has hosted countless events in the past and, I am sure, will host many more in the future, with a common sense approach to adopting virtualization addressing the concerns that the end user really should know about.

These latest events are including an afternoon focus on storage, hence the inclusion of a storage vendor, and the major issues around sizing and provisioning storage “appropriately” for the virtualization efforts you are approaching. The most important thing to note, is the true cost of ownership for you, not perceived cost, projected cost or otherwise “made up” numbers. Xiotech has proven the lowest and most predictable cost per desktop so you can more easily roll out VDI in your environment, such as Patient’s First has done. Brian Reagan, CMO for Xiotech, talk with Wikibon about a number of things, to include Xiotech’s most recent announcements around Hybrid ISE and it’s impact on VDI costs.

Brian Madden tweeted a comment that I made about the impact a user can have and I wanted to clarify that the point here is that users don’t have an impact on IT and IT decisions, until they themselves are seriously impacted (such as the rollout of a VDI infrastructure that starts out good, but performance dwindles as it scales out and the user experience can only be qouted as “sucks”), and that is what typically stalls VDI rollouts that are not planned well.

I have to requote Brian on his post regarding storage in a VDI environment as I took a little artistic liberty in my presentation, when I quoted him. The point he is making is very valid and the follow on blogs regarding it are very intuitive. The most important and repeated point, make your infrastructure plans prior to rolling out VDI and choosing how you roll out storage in that infrasture is more key than ever when VDI is involved.

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