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Nerdfest 2011 – Variations

Day 3 of Xiotech Nerdfest 2011 and the festivities continue.

With the demos of features and futures, products and predictions, skeptics and optimists…the sharing of knowledge and bridging of gaps continues.

Above all, I was looking forward to seeing David Black, father of the “blackliszt” and technical partner at Oak Investments. For those who don’t know, David evaluates and advises Oak portfolio companies (and so much more) and took us all by surprise last year with his “baseball:symphany” (David is quiet and reserved, but, is demonstrative and flamboyant in this instance). David spoke many times this week, but, today’s session was similar, but much more pronounced than last year in that he expounded more on the historical context of physics, mathematics and music and how they draw back to the same DNA, historically.

The importance of musical “variation” is very readily compared to engineering and what we do in our day to day lives, from David running around frantically to a high paced classical tune, acting out our jobs and addressing customer concerns, work problems, etc., to him standing on his head in front of everyone in a yoga pose, “…more blood to the brain results in more clearly seeing reality”.

The general theme, of the moment, is the common understanding of team direction and goals. In this case, the team of Xiotech engineering, “Seeing the whole, while playing your part”.


Nerds on the move

Wow, it has been a LONG road since my last post, busy year!

I think it has been since Storage Texan was last posting, I sure feel like I have been busy, or maybe just lazy.

Sitting in the Steve Sicola Nerdfest 2011, in Colorado Springs, CO. Nerdfest is an annual gathering of the techno-nerds from within Xiotech, the intent of being an engineering gathering and sharing of technologies and roles within the organization, with the main goal of being a better product and hence better company.

I did a similar blog post during the 2010 Nerdfest and just wanted to blast out there some of the key points of what we are hearing.

Tony Asaro, Xiotech’s new Senior Marketing Executive, is spending a LONG afternoon with the brilliant engineering folks discussing his visions and directions, both with the present market and the directions as he views them for Xiotech.

Some of the key points to note, and we will hear LOTS more about?

Performance optimization – Focus on the optimization of storage into an applications ecosystem. A focus on maximizing what storage can do for APPLICATIONS, which truly need that performance. Applications like Databases, Business Intelligence, HPC, VDI and other virtualization initiatives. Net-net, enabling the applications to do what they should do best…deliver their data… Without hesitation, no matter how the workload changes over time !

Performance roadmap – Roadmap for performance and the growth and scale of that performance needs and capabilities

Key point here, whatever Xiotech does WILL improve the delivery of data for applications and integrate that functionality with applications. Awesome meeting thus far….aka, Autonomic Performance, make things simply PERFORM how they should and have not to this point.

More posts to come, but, great time with some brilliant people…

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