Nerdfest 2011 – Variations

Day 3 of Xiotech Nerdfest 2011 and the festivities continue.

With the demos of features and futures, products and predictions, skeptics and optimists…the sharing of knowledge and bridging of gaps continues.

Above all, I was looking forward to seeing David Black, father of the “blackliszt” and technical partner at Oak Investments. For those who don’t know, David evaluates and advises Oak portfolio companies (and so much more) and took us all by surprise last year with his “baseball:symphany” (David is quiet and reserved, but, is demonstrative and flamboyant in this instance). David spoke many times this week, but, today’s session was similar, but much more pronounced than last year in that he expounded more on the historical context of physics, mathematics and music and how they draw back to the same DNA, historically.

The importance of musical “variation” is very readily compared to engineering and what we do in our day to day lives, from David running around frantically to a high paced classical tune, acting out our jobs and addressing customer concerns, work problems, etc., to him standing on his head in front of everyone in a yoga pose, “…more blood to the brain results in more clearly seeing reality”.

The general theme, of the moment, is the common understanding of team direction and goals. In this case, the team of Xiotech engineering, “Seeing the whole, while playing your part”.


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