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Professionalism Still Exists: True Story

Working in a service related industry (high tech), I have seen the ebb and flows of professionalism and changes within organizations, for the good and for the bad, relating towards the treatment of customers as well as peers, subordinates and contemporaries. I had written an article about professionalism, Professionalism In A Scripted World, which referred to the trend towards having a scripted conversation with customers, which all to often, as well intended as the creators are, ends in a non caring approach to working with others. With the constant trend towards voice recognition software and automated answering systems, human interaction is reducing to a bare minimum.

When on vacation the past 2 weeks, I had the pleasure of seeing true professionalism, as well an true “caring” customer service. I was on a 35 acre island, in the middle of nowhere, and one of the staff I had grown acquainted with was Timothy Scotland. Timothy works at Galley Bay,  but, due to the latest hurricanes that shut down the resort, the parent company moved him to Palm Island while Galley Bay was rebuilt. When I took a shuttle to the neighboring Union Island and was walking down the street, Timothy called out from a second story restaurant and we spent the afternoon drinking beer and chatting. Quite ironically, Timothy brought up a gentleman he got to know as a guest of Galley Bay, Allen Balik and I was shocked, as Timothy has never been to California wine country and Allen is a writer, consultant, facilitator among the other things he does, whom I have been on numerous wine country excursions that he hosted. Timothy mentioned an article that Allen penned regarding customer service, Allen Balik: Customer Service, and upon reading I remember the previous article I wrote (and how much better and to the point Allen’s was).

Now, there were many examples of true professionalism on Palm Island, but, I have to say that Timothy really stands out based on the genuine caring and adhoc responses to customer queries, complaints, and the sort. This type attitude and interaction rejuvenates me and really makes those around you actually feel better about themselves and I have to thank Timothy for being an example of what we “should” be, as we are all in a service related industry, in one form or another, if we interact with our fellow men/women.

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