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Nerdfest 2010 – day 3

Day 3 of Steve Sicola’s Nerdfest 2010

Today has been great discussing everything from existing Emprise 7000 and all corresponding infrastructure, to future products.

The additional tools coming to Xiotech are impressive, to say the least..we’ll leave that there.

Ken Bates, for those who know him, still leaves you with a strong painfull pressure in the back of your head as your brain expands beyond it’s limitations and you can feel something seaping out of your ears as he discusses the formulas of Amdahl’s law, Little’s law; I/O chain, bottleneck analysis, effects of utilization, and more I/o profile than I care to see, for awhile yet…

With the work going on inside of the engineering minds at Xiotech, the coming months will show quite a lot, I am sure (and we all expect!).

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